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-Custom Tanning-

White Tail Deer

Hair On $125.00 + Shipping

Leather  $117.00 + Shipping

Prepare or freeze hides promptly for best results!




-In Stock Full Size Deer Leather-

Brown, Black, Gold & Natural colors available

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-Custom Tanning-

Bears and All Furs

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Leather Tanning-





& Others

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Prepare or freeze hides promptly for best results!




-In Stock Craft Deer Leather-

"Natural Buckskin"

Various Sizes & Odd Shapes

2 Skins for $55.00 + shipping





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To Yost:
I just want to Thank You for your excellent tanning and for the very professional manner that you put into your business.  This comes from someone who has been in taxidermy for over 40 years, and a professional for the last 25.  I have used about 6 different tanners during my career as a taxidermist.  The quality of your work is right there with the best of them, I believe even better.  I choose my tannery for the quality of their work, their turn around time, and the professionalism they show.  It is a pleasure working with your company.
Sincerely...California Taxidermist

Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with your product.  I rehydrated a bear cub from a rug to a full sized mount you tanned for me 20 years ago and I'm happy to report it turned out wonderful after all these years.
Thank you.....Wisconsin Taxidermist

Had 5 Buffalo and Elk tanned into leather all whole skins.  They're huge!  Customers were amazed!
Thank you....Missouri Taxidermist

My furs look beautiful and they smell so clean.  Thank you for the special attention to the whiskers.  My customers were very pleased.
Michigan Taxidermist

Just received my deer leather.  They look great and all the skins are my own.  Will send more later this year!

Thank you for spending time with me Wednesday.  I learned more about fleshing a bear than any video ever showed me.
Ohio Taxidermist

Yost...Thank you for tanning my bears.  Arizona heat is hard on skins, but my bears came out great!

I want to say thank you with all of my heart.  I was so surprised that the tears ran down my face.  What a joy to share!  All the skins are a blessing and the families will be very pleased.
Alabama Taxidermist

Our feature film has completed principle photography.  The elk leather you supplied achieved exactly the look we needed.  It was a pleasure doing business with you.
California Customer





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-African Leather-

Our Complete Leather Tanning Service now includes ALL skins

Cape Buffalo, Elephant, Hippo, Wildebeest, and Rhino

Your choice of colors:

Natural Grey, Black, or Brown

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