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-Custom Tanning-

White Tail Deer

Hair On $125.00 + Shipping

Leather  $117.00 + Shipping

Prepare or freeze hides promptly for best results!




-In Stock Full Size Deer Leather-

Brown, Black, Gold & Natural colors available

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-Custom Tanning-

Bears and All Furs

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Leather Tanning-





& Others

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Prepare or freeze hides promptly for best results!




-In Stock Craft Deer Leather-

"Natural Buckskin"

Various Sizes & Odd Shapes

2 Skins for $55.00 + shipping





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After dedicating many years as a taxidermist and developing his own tanning system to support his business John Yost decided to switch his focus entirely to fur dressing and leather tanning.  It was from this decision that Yost Fur Dressing was born.  Today and throughout its existence Yost Fur Dressing has been producing some of the best furs and leather in the industry.

Our promise is CLEAN, SOFT, SUPPLE FURS with special attention to facial features, tails, and feet. All skins are inspected no less than 3 times. At entry special attention is given to counting items and inspecting conditions. After skins are washed and stable they are individually inspected again for defects. Finally, at grooming we check for claws, toes, whiskers, and conditions once again.  If anything out of the ordinary is observed at any of these stages the customer will be contacted to discuss the situation.

Yost Fur Dressing is one of the few COMPLETE tanneries, capable of both Fur Dressing and Leather Tanning in one facility. One of our specialties is "Natural Buckskin" leather.

Yost Fur Dressing can process leather in your choice of 4 different colors. Processing EXOTICS is one of our more distinctive capabilities.  YES, African skins make fabulous leather!  What an option for African Hunters!  Boots, Bags, and Luggage can be made from Cape Buffalo, Hippo, Elephant, and Rhino. Of course reptiles like Alligator, Crocodile, and Snake work great for similar uses as well.  Yost Fur Dressing is not only capable of preparing these exotics as leather but also for life size mounts. Our personal attention and special ability to process exotics is unmatched in the industry.

Yost capes and furs have years of shelf life. Completion time is always as promised and our customer care is what you deserve.

Try Yost Fur Dressing and experience CLEAN, SOFT, SUPPLE FUR and QUALITY LEATHER!

Our facility is open year round in beautiful Door County Wisconsin!  Call or Email today for information on any of our products or services.



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-African Leather-

Our Complete Leather Tanning Service now includes ALL skins

Cape Buffalo, Elephant, Hippo, Wildebeest, and Rhino

Your choice of colors:

Natural Grey, Black, or Brown

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